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Worker Safety Resources CD-ROM

  • Ready-to-print employee handouts addressing over 200 leading causes of workplace accidents
  • Includes loads of extras like posters, MSDSs, labels, and OSHA standards
  • All for less than $5 week.
The Worker Safety Resources CD-ROM provides the tool you can use to quickly and easily print out professionally produced employee safety training handouts on a variety of topics covering typical workplace hazards. Each handout is written in simple, down-to-earth language so that all workers can easily comprehend it. Fictional narrators have been created to present several of the topics so that employees can be entertained and motivated while they're being educated. The handouts contain lots of illustrations that help readers visualize the most important points being made.

The latest update adds even more topics

Over 90 new handouts have been added to the Release 2.0. We've created completely new sections covering Hazard Communication, healthier lifestyles, shift work, and sexual harassment in the workplace. Each of these new topics is accompanied by posters, sample forms, and related resources. To that, we've added model chemical container labels corresponding with each of the 200 MSDSs already included on the disc.

Based on a well-respected lineage

The information comprising this product has been compiled from Genium's highly regarded line of pocket publications. Beginning with the MSDS Pocket Dictionary back in 1987, Genium has published over 20 titles, each dealing with an important workplace safety topic. From bloodborne pathogens to confined space to safety in laboratories and on construction sites, millions of American workers have come to rely on a Genium pocket publication for straight talk and quick answers to their safety questions. Now you can access this entire library on one convenient CD-ROM.

View Table of Contents and Sample Pages for Worker Safety Resources (pdf)

For Windows and Mac operating systems

Worker Safety Resources on CD-ROM Version 2


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