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Pocket Publications
Since we first introduced the MSDS Pocket Dictionary in 1987, Genium's Pocket Publications have helped millions of workers avoid workplace hazards. Our Pocket Guides average about 80 pages and fit easily in a shirt pocket or as a stuffer in a business envelope. The Pocket Handbooks are a little heftier and more in-depth. All provide a great starting point for your organization's safety training sessions or tool box talks.
Pocket Guides
Hazards of Tradename Products Pocket Guide
Hazardous Materials Transport Pocket Guide
Hazardous Waste Handling Pocket Guide
Healthier Lifestyles Pocket Guide
Lockout Tagout Pocket Guide
Motor Vehicle Safety Pocket Guide
MSDS Pocket Dictionary
MSDS Pocket Dictionary, Spanish edition
Office Safety Pocket Guide
Personal Protective Equipment Pocket Guide
Process Safety Pocket Guide
Respirator Safety Pocket Guide
Shiftwork Health & Safety Pocket Guide
Understanding Sexual Harassment Pocket Guide
WHMIS Pocket Dictionary
Pocket Handbooks
Hazard Communication Pocket Handbook
Laboratory Safety Pocket Handbook
Workplace Safety & Health Dictionary
Sample Pak
If you'd like to review Genium's Pocket Publications, the Sample Pak is for you. It includes one copy of each pocket guide and handbook currently available (18 total).
Sample Pack of Pocket Guides and Handbooks



Working Safely With Chemicals in the Laboratory
Hugh B. Kareful helps chemistry students protect themselves from laboratory hazards in Working Safely With Chemicals in the Laboratory


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