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Genium's MSDS Collection

Improves your understanding of hazardous materials and prepares you for chemical emergencies.

Genium's MSDSs Contain Comprehensive Data
Genium's MSDSs contain more information about the hazards of a material than you will find on most vendor-supplied sheets, consequently improving your ability to help employees avoid hazardous exposures to chemicals.

Data That Is Easy To Understand, and Use
Genium's MSDSs are in a consistent, user-friendly 16-section format that includes dramatic eye-catching hazard pictograms, Hazard Ratings, and HMIS Ratings.

Data That's Impossible To Find Anywhere Else
Genium's Collection contains MSDSs for materials that are commonly found in many workplaces but are not purchased from vendors. For example, Genium has sheets on carbon monoxide, asbestos, and PCBs and many more hazardous byproducts and banned substances.

Two Convenient Ways to View the Critical Information You Need!
Genium's MSDS Collection is available on CD-ROM and on the web at HazMat ZONE. As an added bonus, all purchasers of Genium's MSDS Collection receive a special 6 month FREE subscription to HazMat ZONE.

Owning Genium's MSDS Collection is like having hazard communication insurance-protecting your workers and your organization at times when your compliance program does not provide all the answers.

Order this Reference today to gain immediate access to clear and consistent MSDSs!

Download a 16-Section Format MSDS (PDF)

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