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MSDS Apptionary for iPhone™ & iPad™

Genium's new MSDS Apptionary adds interactive layers of hazard communication to one of America's most popular MSDS references. With just a tap of your finger you can instantly find the definition for each of the over 1,000 entries of commonly used MSDS technical jargon that are stored in the Apptionary's just updated glossary. Need more data than just a definition? Simply tap on any web address or phone number links embedded in the definitions and you'll be instantly connected to the resource that can provide it.

For example, suppose you've forgotten or never knew what the abbreviation "RQ" stood for. Tapping on its entry in the MSDS Apptionary will inform you that this abbreviation stands for "Reportable Quantity" which is the minimum amount of a material that, when accidentally released or spilled, must be reported to the proper authorities. If at that same instant you need to know what the proper RQ regulatory channels are, a web address is provided within the Apptionary's definition that links you to the page of the EPA Web site that explains the RQ reporting requirements of CERCLA and SARA.

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Suppose you also want to know if a specific material is regulated by either of these EPA mandates? A second link provided in the Apptionary's definition for RQ takes you to an online RQ Calculator maintained by the US Department of Energy's Office of Health Safety and Security. You just enter the name or CAS number of the chemical you're inquiring about in the calculator and the instant results tell you if it is regulated by either statute and if it is, what the RQ amounts are for that chemical.

For just a $1.99 download, Genium's MSDS Apptionary will provide you with over 1,000 ways to make the MSDS and chemical label data you encounter on the job even more useful than it already is.

iPhone™ and iPad™ users can download MSDS Apptionary here.


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