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Lockout Tagout Pocket Guide

Don't let your employees unknowingly get zapped by unregulated energy sources. Use this guide to introduce them to the OSHA standard. It's loaded with information employees need to recognize and control hazardous energy sources. They'll learn about the proper procedures for avoiding electrocution. Includes: introduction to the law; types of hazardous energy sources; energy control program, procedures, and application materials; energy control situations not requiring documented procedures; training.

Meet "Slick the Pick" Wilson - Narrator of the Lockout Pocket Guide
The narrator of this book is Slick "the Pick" Wilson, a master locksmith who designs energy control systems. Slick likes to "rap" about the importance of lockout tagout procedures. His entertaining lyrics help will explain why lockout tagout violations are one of the most common violations found during OSHA inspections.

View Table of Contents and Sample Pages from Lockout/Tagout Pocket Guide. Compare your Lockout procedures with our sample. (pdf)

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Lockout/Tagout Pocket Guide

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