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Hazards of Commonly Used School Materials/Products

The left-hand column of the list below consists of hazardous materials commonly found in school buildings. The right-hand column describes the types of products or byproducts in which these materials are present. Each one represents a potential physical or health hazard to staff and students exposed to them.

The materials on the list underlined in black are linked to the Hazard Overview and MSDS the HazMat Zone maintains for them. Since the HazMat Zone cannot create or maintain MSDS information for commercial products with trade-protected formulations of ingredients, you'll find two items on this list ("paint-oil based" and "chewing gum remover") underlined in red. Clicking on those products will take you to the SIRI website's directory page of vendor-supplied MSDSs for those types of products.

Acetic Acid, Glacial Labs
Acetone Cosmetics (nail polish remover), cleaners, solvents, Labs.
Acetylene Welding gas
Ammonia, Anhydrous Cleaners, refrigerant
Asbestos Insulation, auto brakes
Benzene Solvent, degreasers. Labs.
Boric Acid Anti-roach products
Calcium Hypochlorite Cleaners, bleach, algicide. Labs.
Carbon Black Copier toner, ink, carbon paper. Labs.
Carbon Dioxide, gas Decomposition product, fire extinguisher, refrigerant.
Carbon Monoxide, gas Decomposition product, auto exhaust.
Diesel Fuel Fuel
Dioxane Solvent, waxes, printing.
Ethyl Alcohol Solvent, cleaners, liquor, cosmetics. Labs.
Formaldehyde Solution Bio-Lab, acrylics, fabrics, composition wood board.
Freon Refrigerants, chewing-gum remover.
Gasoline Fuels
Hydrochloric Acid Cleaners. Labs.
Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaners, antiseptic. Labs.
Isopropyl Alcohol Solvent, cosmetics, medicine, cleaners. Labs.
Kerosene Fuel, solvent
    Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Solvent, paint remover.
Methyl Acetate Lacquers, paint remover.
Methyl Alcohol Lacquers, duplicating fluid.
Methylene Chloride Solvent, degreaser, paint remover
Mineral Spirits Cleaners, solvents, degreasers
Naphthalene Insecticide, cleaners. Labs
Nitric Acid Cleaners. Labs.
Nitric Oxide Welding fumes, auto exhaust, decomposition product
Oxalic Acid Cleaners.
Paint - oil - based Art, Shops.
p-Dichlorobenzene Restroom deodorant, insecticide
Phosphoric Acid Rust remover. Labs
Pine Oil Cleaners.
Sodium Bisulfate Toilet bowl cleaner. Labs
Sodium Dichromate Wood preservatives, corrosion inhibitors. Labs
Sodium Hydroxide Drain cleaners. Labs.
Sulfuric Acid Soda acid, storage batteries. Labs.
Toluene Solvent, graffiti remover, White-out. Labs.
Trichloroethylene Degreaser solvent, Whiteout.
Turpentine Paint solvent. Art.
Xylene Cleaners, solvents. Labs.


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