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Hazards of Commonly Used Construction Materials

The left-hand column of the list below consists of materials commonly found at construction sites. Each one represents a potential physical or health hazard to individuals exposed to them. Some of the materials on the list are raw materials, containing no mixture of ingredients (i.e. Argon) while many of the materials on the list represent formulated mixtures of other substances including at least one ingredient that is itself hazardous.

The materials and ingredients on the list that are underlined in black are linked to the Hazard Overview and MSDS the HazMat Zone maintains for them. Since the HazMat Zone cannot create or maintain MSDS information for commercial products with trade-protected formulations of ingredients, you'll find such products (i.e. caulking compound) on this list underlined in red. Clicking on those products will take you to the SIRI website's directory page of vendor-supplied MSDSs for those products.

Asphalt Petroleum hydrocarbons
Acetylene Acetylene
Aluminum Aluminum dust
Argon Argon
Asbestos Asbestos fibers
Brass and bronze Copper, zinc, tin
Cadmium Cadmium
Copper Copper
Caulking Compound Various
Contact Cement Toluene, xylene, 1,1,1-Trichloroethane
Concrete Various
Diesel fuel Petroleum hydrocarbons
Dynamite Nitroglycerine
Epoxy Resins Various
Epoxy Hardeners Various
Explosion byproducts Nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide
Fiber glass Glass fibers
Freon Chlorofluorocarbons
Galvanized metal Zinc
Gasoline Petroleum hydrocarbons
Grinding wheels Aluminum oxide dusts
Iron Iron
Lead Lead
Monel Nickel, copper
Nitrogen Nitrogen
Nuisance dusts Titanium dioxide, etc.
Motor Oil Heated petroleum oil
Oxygen Oxygen
Paint - oil - based Various
Pavement sealer Coal tar
Polyester resins Various
Portland Cement Calcium and aluminum silicates
PVC pipe Cement Ketones, tetrahydrofuran
Sand blast sand Crystalline silica
Sewer line sealer Acrylamide
Steel (carbon) Iron
Steel (alloy) Manganese
Steel (high nickel) Nickel
Nickel, chromium
Transformer oil Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs)
Urethanes Isocyanates


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