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About HazMat ZONE

About HazMat ZONE
Who Uses The Zone
What Makes Up the Zone
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How to Get Access to the HazMat Zone
About Genium

About HazMat ZONE
The HazMat Zone website is dedicated to making material safety information easier to use, easier to read, and easier to understand. The HazMat Zone helps those responsible for hazard communication compliance keep their workplaces out of trouble, while it helps HazMat trainers provide more effective and professional training. The Zone also helps those who write MSDSs prepare more complete, comprehensive, and reader friendly data sheets. In addition, if you deal with or respond to emergencies that involve hazardous materials, the Zone will help you better prepare to deal safely and efficiently with what you find on the scene. Whatever your HazMat needs are, the HazMat Zone will be the first place you look for information.

Who Uses The Zone
Here's a few of the thousands of organizations who use the MSDS Collection and the HazMat Zone, including Fortune 500 Businesses, Hospitals, Chemical Manufacturers and Suppliers, US Government Agencies, State Government Agencies, Local Municipalities, Emergency Responders, Fire Departments, Shipping Companies, Educational Institutions, and small businesses.

What Makes Up the Zone
New information and tools are constantly being added to the HazMat Zone. The site currently contains the following components:

  • Genium's MSDS Collection
    The centerpiece of the HazMat Zone is Genium's world renowned Collection of independently produced Material Safety Data Sheets. Over 16,000 organizations own access to the Collection either on CD-ROM or on-line. These organizations turn to Genium's MSDS Collection whenever the answers to their questions about a specific chemical cannot be answered with a vendor-supplied sheet.

    The Collection is a comprehensive compilation of HazMat data, addressing over 3,800 chemicals. Each sheet is written in a consistent, ANSI-approved, 16-section format, which makes it easy to find the data you need, when you need it. Having access to Genium's MSDS Collection immediately enhances your organization's ability to support and manage the HazMat related needs and responsibilities of your workplace.

  • HazMat Tutorials
    The use and presence of chemicals in the workplace require employers to develop and maintain systems of risk control and regulatory compliance. HazMat Zone's Tutorials are designed to help Zone Subscribers perform some of the key tasks and activities necessary to protect employees from the hazards of materials and to comply with the laws that regulate the use of chemicals in the workplace. New Tutorials are added to the site periodically.

  • Hazard Overview Look-Up
    Even the most well-written and best organized MSDSs contain a large amount of technical information that can make it difficult to find a chemical's key points. Similar in purpose to a container label, the HazMat Zone's Hazard Overviews provide website users a quick and concise glimpse of a chemical's most significant hazards. The Overview includes a convenient link to the entire MSDS, enabling Zone Subscribers to easily obtain additional information about the chemical.

  • MSDS Glossary Look-Up
    HazMat Zone's MSDS Glossary is a convenient and easy-to-use compilation of hundreds of technical terms and confusing acronyms commonly used on MSDSs, container labels, and regulations involving hazardous chemicals.

  • Exposure Limits Look-Up
    Exposure Limits Look-Up is a data access tool that enables a quick method for finding the key exposure limit values. Zone Members and Subscribers simply enter a material name or CAS number and search results are instantly generated that provide reported values for the following limits:
    • OSHA PELs (Permissible Exposure Limits)
    • ACGIH TLVs (Threshold Limit Values)
    • NIOSH RELs (Recommended Exposure Limits)
    • NIOSH IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health)
    • DFG MAKs (Maximum Concentration Values)
    • AIHA WEELs (Workplace Environmental Exposure Values)
    A convenient link to the complete MSDS for the material is provided with the above search results.

How to Get Access to the HazMat Zone
To obtain access to the HazMat Zone, you must either be a Guest Member or a Subscriber. Guest Membership is free and gives you ongoing access to the data access tools, like the Look-Up components. HazMat Zone Subscribers receive unrestricted access to all areas of the entire website, including the over 3,800 MSDSs in Genium's on-line MSDS Collection and the expanding collection of HazMat Tutorials.

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About Genium
The HazMat Zone website is published by Genium Group inc. , which was established in 1984 when it was spun-off from the General Electric Company. During the past two decades, Genium has established a worldwide reputation as a publisher of information products that help make the workplace safer, smarter, and more professional.
Genium's roots as a GE business provide our company and products with a solid foundation of expertise and quality.

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