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The HazMat Zone's mission is to make material safety data for the most frequently used, stored, and transported hazardous chemicals easier to use and understand. The hazardous materials information and tools available at this site will help workplace safety, emergency response, law enforcement, and homeland security professionals do their jobs.
  HazMat Data Resources

Genium's MSDS Collection - One of the world's most respected sources of independently produced Material Safety Data is now available on-line.

Health Effects Look-Up - quickly points out the principal potential acute effects associated with an exposure to the eyes, skin, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal tract.

First-Aid Look-Up - summarizes the steps to take when a hazardous material is inhaled, ingested, comes in contact with skin, or comes in contact with the eyes.

Exposure Limits Look-Up - Find the exposure limit data you need, quickly with this chemical name and CAS No. Look-Up tool.

Chemical Hazard Overviews - Concise hazard profiles for over 3,800 common chemicals.

Regulatory Look-Up - Find out if a chemical is regulated by SARA, RCRA, CERCLA, or TSCA.

Synonym Look-Up - Find chemical name synonyms.
  What's New

MSDS Release 63 Now Live at HazMat Zone
With this latest release, the RTECs number citation found in Section 11 of the HTML version of each Genium MSDS is now linked to the Registry of Toxic Effects (RTECS) Data and a link to the International Chemical Safety Card maintained by NIOSH for that chemical is presented in Section 1 (if such ICSC exists). This is the second consecutive update to Genium's MSDS Collection that will be available only in the HTML version of the reference maintained at the HazMat Zone Web site. This means the most current CD-ROM version of the Manual continues to be Release 61.
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  HazMat Tutorials

  HazMat Lists

These HazMat Lists are designed for you to have fast access to a list of commonly found hazardous materials within various environments. The Lists are written by experts in the topics they address and have been proven successful in real-world applications.

2005 CERCLA National Priorities List

Canadian Chemicals Management Plan

Common Chemistry Laboratory Chemicals

Chemical Threats to Clean Air and Homeland Security

DHS Chemicals of Interest New

EPA National Priority Chemicals Trends Report

EPA Toxic Release Inventory

Hazards of Commonly Used School Materials/Products

Hazards of Commonly Used Construction Materials

NTP 11th Report on Carcinogens

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